Tomato & Basil Sugo 500g

This is a beautiful classic with a refreshing twist.

Sugo is a traditional Italian style, slow-cooked sauce for stirring through pasta, adding to hearty soups, or spooning over pizza bases.

Slow-cooked vine-ripened tomatoes are melted down with onions, garlic and the freshness of basil for a truly traditional, dense sauce.

Your next Mediterranean-inspired dish will be even more superb.

Why you should try our Tomato & Basil Sugo

Maggie Beer’s Tomato & Basil Sugo is a traditional thick and rich tomato sauce. Sugo, meaning ‘sauce’ in Italian, is made with an abundance of vine-ripened tomatoes slow-cooked in extra virgin olive oil with onions and garlic, and in this case, fresh basil.

Simply add warmed Tomato & Basil Sugo to a quality fresh-cooked pasta to create a delicious quick and easy meal the whole family will love. This dense tomato sauce is perfect to use on a pizza base paired with your favourite toppings. One of Maggie’s favourite winter quick dishes is to simmer some new season mussels in a broth of Tomato & Basil Sugo and Verjuice, then garnish it with lots of chopped flat-leaf parsley. Serve this dish with a torn and buttered crusty loaf of fresh-baked sourdough to make the most of ‘cleaning’ the bowl.

Our Tomato & Basil Sugo will make light work of the family favourite, pasta bake. Simply combine the key ingredients and then finish with layers of cheese, dinner is served! It is also wonderful served with traditional meatballs.

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