Plum & Shiraz Paste 100g

Discover the sublime fruity taste of this pantry essential.

This paste is a balance of sweet and tart plum flavours followed by the bold notes of shiraz.

It’s absolutely delicious paired with Triple Cream Brie, Bold Blue Cheese, or a subtle sheep’s milk cheese.

Make your next cheese board extraordinary with a little (or a lot) of this paste on hand.

Why you should try our Plum & Shiraz Paste

Are you searching for the perfect condiments for a cheese platter? Maggie Beer’s Plum & Shiraz Paste is the ultimate item that will elevate a cheese platter from ordinary to extraordinary. This fruit paste is all about the wonderful flavour combination of luscious ripe, sweet, tart plums, boldly luscious Shiraz, and the subtlest warmth of star anise.

When curating a cheeseboard, Plum & Shiraz Paste will make the perfect match to a slice of La Dama aged goat’s cheese or a gorgeous triple cream brie. Fruit paste can be used in so many different ways as a tasty ingredient that will bring a divine burst of flavour to many savoury or sweet recipes.

Try gently melting down Plum & Shiraz Paste to use as a glaze to a pork chop, cooked on the grill or over a charcoal barbecue. This glaze would also lend itself to a slow-cooked beef fillet cooked in the oven and sprinkled with whole peppercorns. Chop the fruit paste finely and use it to bring a mouth-watering pop of flavour to a savoury muffin, or otherwise, fold it through a cupcake mixture.

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