Extra Virgin Olive Oil 375ml

A good olive oil is often all that’s needed to turn an ordinary dish into an extraordinary one.

There is a huge flavour difference between Extra Virgin Olive oil and bulk olive oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is at its peak the moment it is crushed.

Only oil with less than 0.8% acid expressed as free oleic acid and free of flavour defects can be classified as Extra Virgin.

Why you should try our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

From frying onions and garlic to the final flourish before serving a meal, Maggie Beer’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a beautiful way to start and finish many savoury dishes.

It’s one of Maggie’s must have ingredients. It works beautifully in many ways—with Verjuice or lemon juice, added to vinaigrettes, or in a homemade mayonnaise, just to name a few. You’ll find these dishes will come together far easier using Extra Virgin Olive Oil, although you’ll need half of the oil content to be more flavour neutral. Serve it as an accompaniment to crusty bread for the most delicious dipping starter. This simple yet classic dish is a delightful way to let the flavours of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil sing!

You can also use it to poach a fillet of sustainably sourced salmon. For a Mediterranean twist, drizzle it lavishly to finish a bowl of gorgeous gnocchi. This ingredient is ideal for seasoned home cooks and beginners alike. Its uses are many, and the ability it has to transform a meal cannot be underestimated. Happy cooking!

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