Ginger Chilli Sauce 250ml

Colin, Maggie’s husband, was clamouring for a zesty sauce with a dash of chilli—this is it!

With sugar, vinegar, and fish sauce rounded out with a kick of ginger and chilli, this condiment is truly a cut above the rest.

It’s undeniably delicious added to stir-fries or as an indulgent dipping sauce for crispy spring rolls.

Why you should try our Ginger Chilli Sauce

Looking for the ultimate chilli sauce? Discover the wonderful flavour of Maggie Beer’s Ginger Chilli Sauce. It is well known that Maggie’s palate is not partial to chilli, however, this gorgeous sauce was created for Maggie’s husband, Colin, who hankered for a sauce full of zesty flavour with a dash of chilli!

With a rich base of tomatoes and garlic, the flavour hit comes from that addition of ginger and a good hint of chilli. This sauce will liven up any barbecue or picnic with friends. The classic combination of ginger and chilli in this sauce lends itself impeccably to a range of Asian-inspired dishes and can transform a stir fry. Maggie’s Ginger Chilli Sauce combined with a dash of soy sauce creates a wonderful dipping sauce for wontons or spring rolls.

When it comes to marinades, this sauce will quickly become the secret ingredient when entertaining. Moreish sticky chicken wings, when introduced to this sauce, are taken to another level. It’s fabulously delicious in a tender slow-cooked lamb ragout.

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