Quince Paste 100g

Discover why this paste is such a pantry essential.

Maggie’s love for the quince came from the beauty of the tree in flower, so after reading prolifically about it, she trialled her first ‘membrillo’ or quince paste.

Quince paste is the perfect accompaniment with traditional French Brie, strong French Camembert, Parmigiano Reggiano, and mature vintage cheddar.

Why you should try Maggie’s Quince Paste
Are you looking for Maggie Beer’s Quince Paste? No cheese board is complete without the piquant flavour of this wonderful fruit paste. A signature product of the Maggie Beer gourmet range, Quince Paste is a well-loved entertaining staple. It’s made from beautiful quinces grown by Australian farmers and picked at the peak ripeness.

When serving Quince Paste with cheese, pair it with a traditional Triple Cream Brie, strong Camembert, Parmigiano Reggiano, and mature crumbly cheddar. For a twist on serving Quince Paste and cheese, try gently melting the paste with a little Verjuice, pour it over a wheel of Triple Cream Brie, bake and serve topped with toasted walnuts.

Another sumptuous savoury way to cook with Quince Paste is to add it to oven-baked chicken marylands with fresh herbs and stock for a delicious casserole. Chop up the paste and toss through a freekeh salad with preserved lemon and lots of fresh flat-leaf parsley. For a luscious dessert idea, add a teaspoon of Quince Paste to the centre of a mini chocolate tart or melt down fruit paste and drizzle over layers of pavlova.

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