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Pāmu – pioneering in organic natural, nutritious milk

Founded in 1886, and still 100% state-owned by New Zealand, Pāmu has 130 years of experience in getting to know nature and is currently the recognized leader not only in New Zealand but in the world in sustainable, safe agriculture practice. At Pāmu, we choose the most suitable farming methods, farms and farmers, and partners, to fulfill our promise of natural farming to the world.

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Why Whole Milk Is Good For Your Health?


Besides the authentic full creamy flavor, whole milk is also very good for your health for being rich in nutrition (calcium, vitamin D, minerals, saturated fat, etc.). Whole milk is particularly suitable for children who are in need of nutrition to boost their physical growth. For adults, organic whole milk…

What is Whole Milk?


Whole milk - well-known for its full creamy taste and rich nutrition, has been scientifically proven to bear no connection to causing obesity.

Safe positioning when feeding your baby solids


When starting solids, many parents like to begin with their child in a high chair if they can sit up themselves, but you can also offer to feed your baby on your lap facing to the side or in front. Most importantly, feed them in a semi-upright or upright position.

10 tips on how to boost your child’s immunity during Covid19


Boosting immunity is something that is on every parent's mind right now. While there is no definitive research published on nutrients and the novel COVID-19 virus, there is a substantial amount of evidence that supports micronutrient (vitamin and mineral) adequacy for optimal immune function. In addition to nutrition, optimising gut…

Baby Food Stages On Labels: What Do They Mean?


Navigating the world of nutrition can be confusing at the best of times, but when you’re a new, sleep-deprived parent being bombarded with mountains of conflicting information from multiple angles, everything can get a bit overwhelming.

High Energy Foods for Breastfeeding Mums


There are numerous benefits of breast feeding, in particular the many health benefits for your baby. However many women struggle to find a diet that helps them produce enough milk and maintain their energy levels.

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