Top 10 Best Places to Buy Imported UHT Milk in Vietnam


Imported UHT milk has been of high demand by Vietnamese families for the high nutrition profile, transparent origin, and quality production process Here is a list of top 10 best places to buy quality UHT milk in Vietnam.

1. An Nam Gourmet

20 years ago, An Nam Gourmet started out as a small store in Ho Chi Minh City specializing in European cuisine. Now, they have established itself as the pioneer and the leader of gourmet products in Vietnam – with the vision of “Enjoy Life, Eat and Drink Well”.

An Nam Gourmet’s official website: https://annam-gourmet.com/vi/

Branches in HCMC:

  • Hai Bà Trưng: 16-18 Hai Bà Trưng St., Bến Nghé Ward, D1
  • Saigon Center: B2, Saigon Center, 65 Lê Lợi St., Bến Thành Ward, D1
  • Thảo Điền: 41A Thảo Điền St., Thảo Điền Ward, Thủ Đức City
  • Estella: #L1 – 21/22/24, #L2-23 Estella Place, 88 Song Hành St., An Phú Ward, Thủ Đức City
  • Phú Mỹ Hưng: Riverpark Premier, 64-70 Nguyễn Đức Cảnh St., Tân Phong Ward, D7
  • Saigon Pearl: Opal Tower, Shophouse SH06-07, 92 Nguyễn Hữu Cảnh St., Saigon Pearl, Ward 22, D. Bình Thạnh
  • Q2: Shophouse No. SH3, SH4, SH5, SH6, Level 1, Q2 Building, 21 Võ Trường Toản St., Thảo Điền Ward, D2

Branches in Hà Nội:

  • Xuân Diệu: 51 Xuân Diệu St., Quảng An Ward, D. Tây Hồ, Hà Nội

An Nam Gourmet distributes a range of different milk products, including UHT milk bottles.

An Nam Gourmet’s main distributing products include – food, sweet grocery, fresh & frozen, bakery & pastry, beverage (European cuisines), with pioneering service.

2. Nam An Market

In operation since 2012, Nam An Market is a food supermarket store chain run by a team of enthusiastic cooks who are also experienced in production & trading of food products.

Nam An Market’s official website:


Branches in HCMC:

  • 21 Thảo Điền St., Thảo Điền Ward, Thủ Đức City
  • 303 Nguyễn Văn Trỗi St., Ward 1, D. Tân Bình
  • 06 Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai St., Đakao Ward, D1
  • 46, Hưng Phúc Residence (Block S10 – 2), 196 Nguyễn Lương Bằng St., Tân Phú Ward, D7

Nam An Market is a go-to choice of those enthusiastic in European cuisines. Nam An Market distributes a diverse range of imported UHT milk products.

Product ranges available at Nam An Market include – flowery & fresh fruits, vegetables, beverages, fresh, frozen, & supplementary food, groceries, bakeries & pantries.

3. Farmers Market

Farmers Market is an established food store chain in HCMC, specializing in natural & organic food. Farmers Market is operated in accordance with the vision of achieving consumers’ health & environment friendliness, by meeting food categories’ strict requirements.

Farmers Market’s official website: https://farmersmarket.vn/

Branches in HCMC:

  • 496 Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai St., Ward 2, D3
  • 218 Phan Xích Long St., Ward 2, D. Phú Nhuận
  • 486 Nguyễn Thị Thập St., Ward Tân Quy, D7
  • 99 Hoàng Hoa Thám St., Ward 6, D. Bình Thạnh

Farmers Market distributes a variety of different milk products, including imported UHT milk bottles.

Unlike the 2 food store chains mentioned before, besides gourmet products, Farmers Market also distributes different food products ranges that are naturally-sourced, healthy, and nutritious, especially those used to make Vietnamese dishes.

4. Tops Market

Tops Market thương hiệu chuỗi siêu thị kế thừa từ Big C, thuộc quản lý của tập đoàn bán lẻ danh tiếng Central Retail từ Thái Lan. Tops Market phát triển với định hướng là siêu thị cung cấp đa dạng, tiện lợi các loại mặt hàng gia đình cần thiết.

Tops Market’s official website: https://topsmarket.vn/

Branches in HCMC:

  • Tops Market Thảo Điền: 12, Quốc Hương St., Thảo Điền Ward, D2
  • Tops Market An Phú: B1 Floor, Cantavil Complex, Song Hành St., An Phú Ward, D2
  • Tops Market Âu Cơ: 685 Âu Cơ St., Tân Thạnh Ward, D. Tân Phú

Branches in Hà Nội:

  • Tops Market The Garden: B1 Floor – The Garden Mall, Mễ Trì St., Mỹ Đình Ward, D. Từ Liêm
  • Tops Market Nguyễn Xiển (GO! MARKET Nguyễn Xiển): Basement, Eco Green Building, 286 Nguyễn Xiển St., Tân Triều Ward, D. Thanh Trì
  • Tops Market Lê Trọng Tấn: Basement 1, 2 & Ground Floor, Artemis Building, 3 Lê Trọng Tấn St., Khương Mai Ward, D. Thanh Xuân
  • Tops Market Hà Đông: 1 & 2 Floor, Hồ Gươm Complex, Mỗ Lao New Urban Area, Mỗ Lao Ward, D. Hà Đông

Besides distributing in large quantity with good prices a wide product ranges, Tops Market is also a go-to shopping choice thanks to the food lines selling quality natural & organic products in affordable prices.

Tops Market usually has in stock large quantity of different UHT milk products.

5. Siêu thị Finelife

Finelife is the high quality-segmented supermarket chain managed and developed by Saigon Co.op.

Finelife’s official website: https://finelife.vn/

Branches in HCMC:

  • Hà Đô: 1 Floor – Orchid Building, 200 3/2 St., Ward 12, D10
  • Riviera Point: 584 Huỳnh Tấn Phát St., Tân Phú Ward, D7
  • Saigon Mia: 9A Apartment Block III-IV, Trung Sơn Residence, Bình Hưng Ward, D. Bình Chánh
  • Urban Hill: 51A Nguyễn Văn Linh St., Tân Phong Ward, D7

Similar to Tops Market, Fineline’s product ranges distributed are mainly natural & organic food, domestically or internationally sourced – including 100% imported UHT milk.

6. E-commerce sites

Reputable e-commerce sites such as Shopee / Lazada / Tiki are also good places to go and get the imported UHT milk bottles.

Buying on these e-commerce sites can also be fun & economically-beneficial, thanks to various types of promotions (vouchers, membership, discount, free shipping cost, gifts, etc)

Note: when buying on these e-commerce sites, you are advised to choose products sold by reliable distributors.

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