Milk – Essential Source of Calcium to Counter Osteoporosis


1. How calcium helps counter osteoporosis

Milk has always been regarded as a rich source of calcium available in our daily diet.

Despite certain debates on the nutritious benefits of cow milk, milk has been scientifically proven to help prevent osteoporosis effectively via supplementing calcium.

uong sua, canxi, phong benh loang xuong

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For the elderly, calcium in milk helps stimulate growing of new bone cells (the process that slows down as we age) daily to prevent bones from being fragile and easy to break. (4), (5), (6)

For adults, calcium ensures new bone cells outgrow the loss of dying ones daily. This helps protect bone health as we age and prevent bone pain. (7), (8), (9)

Children are specially recommended milk consumption to actively protect bone health at early age and prevent osteoporosis when they grow older.. (10), (11), (12)

Drinking milk daily is also a wonderful habit to help supplement sufficient nutrition for optimal body development.

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2. Nutrients essential in preventing osteoporosis

Besides calcium, the rich profile of phosphorus, vitamin D & K2, and protein in milk is also why milk essentially helps prevent osteoporosis and bone diseases overall.

Note: experts recommend consumption of vitamin D supplemented milk when possible. While calcium is the uttermost nutrient for bone health, vitamins also play key role in helping body to convert calcium into digestible nutrients.Recommended amount of calcium intakes by age

(mg = milligam; IU = đơn vị quốc tế)

(Source: Food and Nutrition Board, Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences, 2010)

Moreover, it has been scientifically proven that milk or dairy products organically sourced have higher & more diverse nutrition profile (omega-3, natural healthy fats, minerals, and anti-oxidants), which is beneficial to bone health and body wellness overall.

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3. Other sources of calcium & notes

There are other sources of calcium that you can use in large amount in daily meals, such as dairy products (cheese, yogurt, etc), nuts & seeds (almonds, chia, etc), and beans (black bean, kidney bean, etc), green-leaf vegetables, (spinach, borecole, etc), fatty fish (salmon, pilchard, etc). (13)

Regarding calcium pills, you are required to consume that product only when direct and detailed prescription from doctors is available. Muitiple studies indicates association of using calcium pills with higher chance of have a stroke.

uong sua, canxi, phong benh loang xuong, nen uong vien canxi khong

Another advice not directly related to calcium but helps you in maintaining overall bone health, that is to work on your physical health & lifestyle:

  • Exercise for at least 30mins a day – exercises on weight endurance are recommended;
  • Do not smoke or use drugs and other stimulants;
  • Visit doctors whenever you feel needed to;
  • Be extremely careful to avoid falling down or tumbling.


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