Best Times to Drink Milk, Based on Different Purposes


Science has so far proved there is no one particular, optimal time in our day for drinking milk. Yet, we can choose most suitable times to drink milk for maximum effect based on our purposes. Here are guides on best times drink milk – based on popular health purposes.

Table of Contents:

  1. Best time to drink milk for height growth
  2. Best time to drink milk for weight loss
  3. Best time to drink milk for bone health
  4. Best time to drink milk for better sleep
  5. Best time to drink milk for muscle buildingWho shouldn’t drink milk?

    The essence of choosing times to drink milk

1. Best time to drink milk for height growth

Kids should drink milk in the morning, at the beginning of the day, and in the evening, before sleep, to maximize height growth.

Drinking milk in the morning gives kids sufficient calories and nutritions (calcium, phosphorus & other minerals, and essential vitamins such as vitamin D). Sufficient nutrition intake help kids stay active throughout the day so that they have enough energy for not only cognitive but also physical activities – indispensable for optimal body growth.

Drinking milk in the evening 2 hrs before sleep is advisable as kids’ body absorb calcium best during sleep – according to Dr. Le Bach Mai. Drinking milk in this time might also increase sleep quality which is vital for physical development of kids. (read more: 4. Best time to drink milk to sleep better).

Cow milk, rich in nutritious, natural fat and without growth hormone, additives like organic whole milk is highly recommended for height growth. This is because whole milk offer highest amount of protein amongst types of milk, and is highly rich in calcium, which effectively helps kids’ height grow optimally.

From 1 year-old until the end of puberty, kids’ body is capable of absorbing and requires nutritions in large amount for physical development.

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Besides, a nutritious, balanced eating diet is of paramount importance to provide vital nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, copper, DHA, etc.

Daily sport activities for height growth such as swimming, volleyball, basketball, etc are also highly recommended.

Last but not least is a healthy sleeping habit, of at least 8-10 hrs a day and taking place before 10pm as from 10pm to 2am is the period in which biological hormones for height growth are produced the most by the pituitary.

2. Best time to drink milk for weight loss

Drinking milk in different times throughout the day is advisable for weight loss.

Milk boost the the metabolism within our body to function more effectively, through which more calories from food is burnt and converted into energy. (1)

Milk also supplements essential nutrients that help you feel full longer while still taking in sufficient energy. Therefore, you can avoid the urge to eat when it’s not necessary, which can result in an excessive amount of calories and fat taken in your body. (2)

Combining drinking milk together with daily exercising is the best way to lose weight. (read more: 5. Best time to drink milk to gain muscle)

3. Best time to drink milk for bone health

It’s advisable to drink 2-3 cups of milk daily when in puberty period for optimal bone development that results in maximum height growth and bone health.

Milk is rich in vitamin D, vitamin A, calcium, and phosphorus. These all are essential nutrients for bone health and our body as a whole, and are only available in large amount in milk.

Lacking these nutrients would result in suboptimal development of bone in terms of length and endurance (bone get softer and more delicate, preventing you from heavy physical activities). Consequently, the aging process of bone would take place sooner and faster, which resulting in of higher chance of bone diseases such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, arthritis, etc.

To increase bone health, you are also advised to eat in large amount products from milk (cheese, yogurt, milk scum), fatty fish, nuts, etc, that are rich in calcium for maximum bone health.

4. Best time to drink milk for better sleep

Drinking milk 2 hrs before sleep to supplement amino acid trytophan – nutrients that are available in protein-rich food like milk.

These 2 nutrients would trigger brain to produce sleepiness-boosting hormones serotonin and melatonin that help you to relax and sleep better.

A cup of warm milk before bed is also a prevailing habit in many Western countries.

Beautiful young woman in white bed with glass of milk, concept of breakfast in bed.

Yet, so far there hasn’t been any formal scientific research to confirm the amount of trytophan in one cup of milk is sufficient to produce enough serotonin and melatonin to trigger sleepiness.

Therefore, whether we should drink milk before bed or not should be the question of personal preference. Try it out to see whether it helps you sleep better!

Noticeably, you should drink milk 2 hrs before sleep to avoid having to urinate in the middle of your sleep.

5. Best time to drink milk for muscle building

According to many studies, you should drink milk right after exercising to increase lean mass accretion, as well as body composition and strength. (3), (4)

It is confirmed in these studies that drinking milk after exercising is associated with the building of muscles in mass, weight, width, and strength.

Studies also point out how effective can drinking milk after exercising help in reducing fat, weight loss, and bone re-vitalization.

Who shouldn’t drink milk?

1. Babies under 1 year-old

Babies under 1 year-old should not drink cow milk. (5)

Children in a studio. Little girl with her brother. Boy in a pink t-shirt. Kids drinking a milk.

Because digestive and excretory systems of under 1 year-old babies are not sufficiently mature, the rich nutrition of cow milk (especially protein and minerals) would cause babies’ organs to be overloaded.

Their kidneys will get triggered to work double, resulting in the risk of dehydration and kidney failure.

Babies’ stomach and intestine are also triggered to overwork (ulcerative colitis within babies’ intestine get hyperactive), causing them constipation, inflammation, indigestion, and loss of appetite.

Cow milk also does not provide sufficient iron. Therefore, using cow milk as the main source of nutrition intake during this age results in anaemia when the child grows up.

Besides, cow milk lacks health fatty contents for infants. This explains why there is a wide range of formula milk products (produced by complicated nutrition guidelines) available on market to supplement breast milk.

2. Lactose-intolerant & milk-contraindicated

Lactose-intolerance ******is a digestive problem preventing our body from producing sufficient lactase enzyme to digest lactose – a type of sugar commonly found in milk of mammals.

Lactose-intolerant people should avoid milk & dairy products which can cause them flatulence, stomachache, and diarrhea. (6)

People with underlying medical conditions such as diabetes or low blood sugar are classified as “milk-contraindicated”. They are advised to consume milk and dairy products in moderation, as the lactose available in milk can always trigger an increase of blood sugar level. (7)

For 2 above-mentioned groups, plant-based milk products can serve as perfect substitutions as they contain no lactose.

Noticeably, it’s highly recommended you choose plant-based products that are sugar-free and low in additives for maximum health benefits.

The essence of choosing times to drink milk

Besides some researches confirming the benefit of muscle building by drinking milk after exercising, no scientific studies has so far been able to claim there is an optimal timepoint in a day to drink milk.

The answer to “When’s the best time to drink milk?” is based largely on your personal preferences and your body’s reaction.

A balanced, nutritious everyday diet, daily exercising, and a healthy lifestyle are without saying vital for good health. You are also advised to consult medical workers if there is any specific concern you cannot research for the information yourself.


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