Linguine Egg Pasta 375g

Made with 100% Australian wheat and free-range eggs, Maggie Beer’s Linguine Egg Pasta forms deliciously silky ribbons and is the perfect base to create beautiful pasta dishes at home.

Simply pair it with one of Maggie Beer’s beautiful pasta sauces, specially created to delight any palate, or read one of our pasta recipes for inspiration.

Why you should try Maggie’s Linguine Egg Pasta

The quality of the ingredients used in a recipe really do determine the end result. Made with free range eggs and 100% Australian wheat, Maggie Beer’s Linguine Egg Pasta really sets the standard when it comes to dry pasta. When cooked al dente, Maggie’s linguine forms deliciously silky ribbons, enhanced by the rich natural flavour of free range eggs.

Easy to prepare, simply bring a large pot of salted water to the boil and cook for 10-12 minutes, making it the perfect base for many family favourite recipes. For a quick meal cook linguine and then toss through a rich pasta sauce or sugo. To serve, top with some grilled king prawns and fresh herbs.

Impress your dinner guests with a divine linguine dish made up of artichoke hearts, baby leeks, shallots and garlic cloves gently simmered in verjuice with bay leaves until tender. Dress with a good amount of extra virgin olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice, topped with dollops of vache curd to serve. This is a pasta for linguine lovers and people passionate about quality Australian pasta.

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