Quince & Champagne Paste 100g

This fruit paste combines the beautiful flavour of Australian quince, delicate notes of Champagne and crisp acidity from Australian Seville oranges.

It makes for the perfect accompaniment to a luscious Triple Cream Brie or Camembert.

Made with 100% Australian quinces, it has a distinctive flavour that’s sure to impress a lover of gourmet food.

Try our Quince & Champagne Paste
This fruit paste will take the ultimate cheeseboard to the next level! Maggie Beer Quince & Champagne Paste may just be the most exquisite fruit paste flavour combination we have ever made. If you have been faithful and true to our traditional Quince Paste, prepare for your heart to be stolen. Once you have tasted this sublime fruit paste you will have eyes (and tastebuds) for no other!

Quince & Champagne Paste is the ultimate paste for a cheeseboard or seasonal grazing table when hosting a celebration for family or loved ones. Made from delicious quinces proudly grown by our local Australian farmers, picked when ripe and alluringly fragrant for optimal flavour, and combined with luxuriant vibrant champagne, it truly is a heavenly marriage of flavours.

When pairing this beauty with cheese, it matches perfectly with a creamy soft Camembert, Triple Cream Brie or hard aged goat’s cheese on buttery crackers or golden melba toast.

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