Burnt Fig Jam 285g

This is a favourite from Maggie’s childhood. Her mother always burnt fig jam, not by design, but because she always seemed to be distracted at the crucial moment!

It was quite an exercise to replicate that very particular flavour in commercial quantities, but we’ve done it, and the result is the thickest, fruitiest jam you can buy.

We simply reduce the figs with no water at all, then add sugar and cook the lot until ‘burnt’ to perfection before sharpening the jam with a little lemon juice.

Why you should try Maggie’s Burnt Fig Jam

Lovers of traditional jam will find they adore Maggie’s Burnt Fig Jam. It’s perfect to have stashed away in the pantry so you can whip up a delicious sweet treat at a moment’s notice.

As with many of life’s joys, this jam came about serendipitously. Maggie’s mother would always burn fig jam by accident. When it came to creating her own jam, Maggie remembered the exquisite taste and texture that came from the burnt figs and sought to replicate this. It was quite the undertaking! Happily, she created a winning recipe, and now we can all enjoy the same wonderful flavour she grew to love as a child. Burning the figs results in an incredibly unique flavour and texture. That’s why this jam is abundantly thick.

It’s the go-to jam for pairing with freshly cooked scones or drizzling on top of a jam drop biscuit. For something a little different, why not pair it with banana as the filling to a sweet spring roll? No matter how you enjoy it, we can assure you of one thing—you’ll soon be back for more.

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