Seville Marmalade 285g

This traditional preserve is made with ripe, seasonal fruit.

Spread it generously onto toast or use it as a glaze for cakes.

This marmalade is very much for aficionados in search of that traditional, zesty edge only Seville oranges can provide.

Delicious scones, crumpets and oatcakes all taste better piled high with this thick-cut marmalade.

Why you should try Maggie’s Seville Marmalade

Are you a lover of delicious jams and preserves? If so, you’re sure to enjoy the incredible flavour of Maggie Beer’s Seville Marmalade. It’s a traditional-style preserve made with ripe, seasonal Seville oranges, which are known for their characteristic sourness or ‘piquant’ flavour. Distinct from standard oranges, they are best used for juicing or zest.

The Maggie Beer Seville Marmalade is an absolute delight spread generously onto toast. Trust us, it’s an addictive combination. Otherwise you can use it as a glaze for cakes that you would like to give a touch of zest. If you love to bake, this essential item will be a most welcome addition to your pantry. Experiment with different recipes and see what you can create—after all, that’s what Maggie’s philosophy is all about.

You can also use it with your favourite breakfast foods, to glazer a tender roasted pork belly, or to add an unexpected twist of flavour to a refreshing cocktail (home bartenders, take note). Each use is just as delectable as the last.

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