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Founded in 1886, and still 100% state-owned by New Zealand, Pāmu has 130 years of experience in getting to know nature and is currently the recognized leader not only in New Zealand but in the world in sustainable, safe agriculture practice.

At Pāmu, we choose the most suitable farming methods, farms and farmers, and partners, to fulfill our promise of natural farming to the world.

1. Sustainable farming since 1886

Pāmu was founded in 1886, and is still 100% state-owned by New Zealand. Pāmu started out with the spirit of Kaitiakitanga – New Zealand’s nature guardianship, meaning in our way of farming, we respect and care for the environment, animals and people.

Pāmu pioneers in the agricultural sector of not only New Zealand – the “golden land” of milk, world’s best milk producer and exporter for both quantity and quality, but also around the globe where our sustainable, safe and organic farming is studied and emulated.

Proudly certified with AsureQuality (an independently certified food assurance for organic sufficiency), Pāmu strives to bring our premium dairy products as a fine and natural nutrition care to consumers in niche markets globally.

We’re open about how we run things and guarantee the traceability and origin of our products, all to win the trust of our consumers from around the world.

We are proud to be a member of Organics Aotearoa New Zealand – an association in Northern Island whose mission is to achieve excellence and endurance in organic agriculture and commerce, and grow the organic sector in New Zealand.

2. How we farm

Proudly bringing to the world the best milk from organic farms across Northern Island, New Zealand – “golden land” of milk”, also means at Pāmu, we embrace the strict yet necessary practices and regulations in farming.

2.1 Pāmu’s organic farms

Exceptionally high quality, absolutely natural and with proven provenance – that’s Pāmu’s promise.

To fulfill that promise, we take a holistic view towards organic farming in every step of our processes, setting the standard all over the world for premium natural foods that are healthier for consumers and the environment.

Our organic farms are free of antibiotics, pesticides or synthetic fertilisers. On the rolling green pastures, our healthy, happy cows graze all day on lush grass free of palm kernel expeller (PKE), synthetic or artificial feed, GMO or antibiotics and roam freely in fresh air, clear sunshine.

Moreover, all Pāmu organic farms undergo a robust certification process to verify credentials. 


2.2 Pāmu farmers

Our farmers embrace the Kaitiakitanga spirit of New Zealand nature’s guardianship. They truly respect and care for the environment, animals, plants and the local community, all to leave well-preserved New Zealand land for the next generations.

Besides the concern for nature, our farmers follow the vision of organic also because they are all passionate for sustainable agriculture and eager to share to consumers over the world the naturally fresh and nutritious milk from New Zealand.

3. Who we work with

3.1 Iwi community

Iwi are the largest social units in Aotearoa (Northern Island, New Zealand) Māori society.

Pāmu feels privileged to work closely with local iwi to see the land thrive and deliver to the world the highest quality natural products of New Zealand. Currently, we are working with two local iwi – Te Rarawa and Ngai Takoto – on Sweetwater Farms in Northland.

We have working groups and independent boards in place to provide oversight and guide environmental strategies and iwi aspirations. 


3.2 Farm IQ

The Farm IQ software is used by agribusinesses as an integrated software platform, to record information, use reporting tools, complete analysis and cover compliance requirements.

Pāmu utilizes this farm management software to make life easier for our farmers.


3.3 Wairakei Estate

Consisting of 25,685 hectares in the central North Island – one of the largest and most environmentally sustainable pastoral farms in the Southern Hemisphere, Wairakei Estate was established by the vision of three New Zealand families committed to best environmental practice and doing the ‘right thing’ by the land.

This large-scale project is captioned as one of the boldest developments in New Zealand’s agricultural history.

Pāmu’s corporate structure and values are ideally fit with the vision for Wairakei Estate and it’s been proved to be a resilient and successful partnership. Since 2004, 13 dairy complexes and 61 homes have been built and developed.


Source of information: Pāmu New Zealand official website https://pamunewzealand.com/

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