My Most Memorable First Step as a Mother


At Bellamy’s Organic, we’ve been celebrating the first steps taken by both you and your little one. Being a new mum brings with it many challenges and opportunities for learning, growth, and discovery. From the birth process to feeding your little one, sleeping, weaning and socialising – there are so many exciting firsts.

We asked all mums to share their most memorable first step as a parent. Here are some of our favorites:


“I am a mother to 2 boys and the first year of their lives on earth were labour intensive and physically demanding. Babies are very dependent and hence, there was a lot of giving on my part – breastfeeding, nurturing, cooking, cleaning up after them etc. It was exhausting. It was never-ending. But the most memorable first step as a mother for me was when they surprised me with hugs and kisses with no prompting. As if they were saying ‘Thank you for the many things you do’. It made all those difficult days so worth it. I will never forget those little hands around mine and the snuggles will forever be cherished in my heart.” – Mandy Tam

“When my baby was 2 months plus, the very first time he held my index finger and attempted to speak ‘Mummy, I love you’.” – Kat Boey

New habits

“The most memorable first step as a mother was realising the extent of selfless sacrifice a mother has towards her child. I was never an early riser and would frequently laze in bed till noon over the weekends. The first couple of weeks when baby was home, I was on a 2-hour breastfeeding cycle. Even when baby is fast asleep, I would constantly check on him to see if he is breathing right or just marveling at this little human I nourished and carried in my womb. Now I get woken up by my active toddler at 7am on a daily basis with midnight disruptions should he take a poop, feel hungry or simply have a bad dream. This first step towards motherhood was scary, frustrating yet I can’t imagine my life (and my husband) without my bundle of joy.” – Cheryl Sng

“Most memorable first step as a mom, is to actually step into the kitchen to cook for my baby boy! I am a noob in cooking and have never stepped into the kitchen to cook, or enjoy cooking at all. Cooking is just not my thing. But after being a mom, I could never imagine myself taking a liking for cooking and would crack ideas to whip up different dishes. Being a mom actually changed me for the better.” – @donkeying


“It was at King’s Park in Perth and we decided to let my son attempt to walk unaided. He succeeded although he had a few falls and rolled down the gentle grass slope. We definitely had a few laughs and some memorable shots to keep. Unforgettable.” – Thazin Xs

“My most memorable first step as a mother was watching my daughter independently get down from the bed. From the confusion on her face to the big smiles when she finally touched the ground. The warm feeling I had in my heart is something that I cannot describe.” – Denise Yang Qing


“The most memorable first step is when I smile at my baby and he finally smiles at me at 2 months plus. That’s when i know he is connecting with me. Seeing my baby’s innocent smile makes all the long hours toiling for him worth it.” – Jo Lee

“My memorable first step as a Mom is seeing my baby smile at me. Wow! That’s a wonderful feeling you get and this makes me forget all the pain and sleepless nights I have been fighting for!!” – @akhliaspeaks


“My most memorable thing as a first time mother was my breastfeeding journey. It was really hard and depressing at the beginning, not to mention sleep deprivation. But as time goes time by, I learnt a lot and I’m really trying hard to give what’s best for my baby boy. It was worth it. Wouldn’t want to change a thing.” – @daanishcookies

“My most memorable first step was successfully latching baby. I recalled it was a night feed and his satisfied look as he unlatched and drifted back to sleep with a smile. Prior to that I was filled with self doubt on my breastfeeding supply and that was my first magical moment in my breastfeeding journey.” – @zong_zun


“My memorable first step as a mom was the very first time I heard my ‘little princess’ cry, I couldn’t help but I cry myself. I never thought I would be a mom due to complications but I have the most amazing ‘little princess’ that melted my heart.” – @therese

“The most memorable moment as a new mom, whose first born was a stillborn, was hearing my second son’s cry hit the room. It made enduring the fear, the grief, and the labour pain all worthwhile. Motherhood is the most tiring but most rewarding job ever.” – @havenestatico


“My memorable first step as a mom of course is the moment I gave birth to my baby boy. At the end of the labour I went through, I’d felt ease and peace that my baby had been born safely and that was where I would officially be called a Mom. I’ve always been afraid of hospitals, pain, and imagining how baby actually came out from us (the labour) . But going through all of it is something that proves that I am a step ahead of being a mom as I overcame my fear fighting pain or even death, to give my baby a life. So of course the memorable first step as a mom is officially being a called a MOM right after hearing our baby’s first cries.” – @qusyiqah


“I can still remember our first parting when he goes to school. While he is learning to be independent, mummy is learning to let go of him and letting him explore his own little world with his new friends and teachers!” – @itsjeanlum


“The most memorable moment was when I talked to him with a rock and roll accent and he suddenly laughed hysterically. I have never been a funny person to my husband but my little boy reacts to it so easily. That’s when I feel how simple and silly he is. And how funny I can be.” – @ning05


“My memorable 1st step as a mom is seeing my little girl’s 1st two teeth. They popped out of her lower jaw at around 5.5 months. Whenever she chuckles or flashes her lovely smile I can see those two teeth. So cute and adorable.” – Liew Hwee Hong Linda

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