Lunar New Year is a great holiday for our Vietnamese people. Also during Tet holiday, parents and children have more time together than usual.

1. Hang out to Tet market Parents can take your babies to Tet market, both to have fun and to learn the beautiful cultural values of this people. Going to the Tet market seemed simple, but it was also associated with the meaning of good education when your babies experienced walking and exploring each stall at the market. This will help your babie’s worldview expand, cultivate their understanding and stimulate the desire to learn Vietnamese culture.

2. Do chores with your babies It seems to be a typical habit of Vietnamese people. So, “teach” them good habits by doing chores with them. Parents can guide babies in light work anddo with them, such as cleaning tables, cleaning chairs, sweeping the floor, painting walls, etc.

3. Wrap Banh Chung The novelty of the Banh Chung package activity will help babies enjoy and be curious. Babies can do it with the careful guidance of parents. It will be the most beautiful and warmest childhood memories in your mind when babies and parents spend moments together together.

4. Plan fun activities Tet holiday is a very long holiday for parents and babies. Therefore, it is indispensable to have planning these days such as where to go for holiday, how to go, … And parents do not forget to let your babies participate in the planning.

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