Pāmu – brand name of Landcorp Farming Limited, largest farming producer of New Zealand


Pāmu – brand name of Landcorp Farming Limited, is currently the largest farming producer of New Zealand, the country whose 60% of exporting revenue comes from agriculture. Pāmu is state-owned since 1886 and has operated for more than 130 years. 


1. The philosophy behind more than 130 years of farming

State-owned since 1886, Pāmu thrive on the spirit of Kaitiakitanga – guardianship of nature. More than 130 years of development, Pāmu works to bring natural, nutritious meals from nature to consumers, we prioritize consumers’ health over profit.

With nature at the core of our farming activities, we ensure commitment to free-roaming all-grass farming all year round, supported by fresh crops on green, open grassland grown by us. We never resort to artificial ingredients like palm kernel expeller (PKE), synthetic or artificial feed, GMO or antibiotics. 

Besides the farming tradition, Pāmu advocates clever thinking that leads to new ways to bring out the most desirable qualities in our food, while never compromising the natural origin of products.

Pāmu works closely with partner farms in every step of the production line, to make sure the ingredients are up to standard, right from the beginning. We also assist them in farming-related issues such as animal and environment welfare, to ensure a supply chain sustainable in quality and purity. All for the natural meals that your family can enjoy with confidence.

2. Our achievement in farming

2.1. Leading position in the industry

Pāmu is currently the largest, oldest, and most diversified producer out there in New Zealand. We receive yearly respectable regional and international prizes and awards for farming producers, most recently is the Top 10 Innovative Companies in Australasia in the agriculture category in the 2019 AFR Innovation Awards.

Pāmu employs about 700 permanent staff and up to 300 staff in addition during busy periods. Besides, we work closely with organizations with natural farming vision, to facilitate meaningful and collective successes, such as the Environmental Reference Group (established by Pāmu) – specialized in environment-related consulting, or Organics Aotearoa New Zealand – association of organic producers in North Island, New Zealand.

2.2. Large farming area

Pāmu has widespread farming area across the North and South Island, with a diversified farming portfolio of 117 beef, dairy, deer and sheep farms, including 44.0000 sheeps, 80.000 beef cattles, 74.000 dairy cows, 89.000 deers, and also over 9400 hectares in plantation forestry.

2.3. Farming partners

Besides partner farms under management, Pāmu proactively collaborates with strategic partners with shared vision of natural farming to thrive!

Iwi community

Iwi are the largest social units in Aotearoa (Northern Island, New Zealand) Māori society. Pāmu have independent boards to oversee operation, ensuring the cooperation live up to iwi’s aspirations. 

Farm IQ

Pāmu utilizes Farm IQ – an integrated software platform to record information, use reporting tools, complete analysis and cover compliance requirements, etc, to make life easier for our farmers.

Wairakei Estate

Pāmu currently runs 13 dairy complexes and 61 homes with the 25,685-hectare Wairakei Estate – one of the largest and most environmentally sustainable pastoral farms in the Southern Hemisphere, established by three New Zealand families committed to natural farming.



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