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Our organic baby rice and baby porridge are perfect for introducing solid foods for the first time. Pure, gentle and nutritious, these products are made from certified organic ingredients and can be added to fruit and vegetable purees.

Breakfast Pouches

Our organic breakfast pouches are a convenient and wholesome way for baby to enjoy delicious breakfast flavours. Made with the goodness of organic oats and organic brown rice they have a smooth texture that can be introduced as early as 4+ months.

Fruit Pouches

Our organic fruit pouches with brown rice are a yummy and convenient way to introduce a combination of fruit tastes. Offering nutritional goodness of organic fruit and brown rice.

Exotic Fruit Pouches

Our new and exciting range of no added sugar exotic fruit pouches are made with 100% fruit ingredients and will excite the taste buds of your child (& you!). Delicious addition to our baby cereals or used in home baking for natural sweetness.

Custard Pouches

Our no added sugar custard range has the goodness of 1/3 cup of Organic Milk in every pouch. Combined with delicious organic fruit and added flaxseed, cacao and chia seeds for a convenient and wholesome snack.

Vegetable Pouches

Our organic ready to serve vegetable pouches are a convenient and wholesome way to introduce new and different taste combinations. Offering nutritional goodness of organic vegetables and brown rice.


Our organic pastas are a great next step in introducing new textures and fun shapes to your baby as well as help to prompt chewing. A versatile product to have in your pantry, simply add grated cheese, pasta sauce or add to soup.


Our organic fruit snacks are a convenient finger food option for busy parents with toddlers on the go.

Apple Snacks

Certified OrganicApple Snacks


from 12+ months


Our organic Milk Rusks are slowly hard baked, making them ideal for your little one to chew during the teething process. Made from organic milk, organic wheat and no added sugar.

Milk Rusks

Certified OrganicMilk Rusks


from 6+ months


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