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How to protect your babies during COVID-19 time

Babies have weak immune system, and easily exposed to harmful substances in the environment. Therefore, parents need to be very careful to take care of babies properly. Especially during the period from 6 months to 3 years – called the “immune gap” stage in children. And parents need to pay more attention to the care […]

  • Understanding Organic

    1. What does organic mean? When a food or product is organic, it means the production or manufacturing of that product must follow a strictly defined set of rules that ensures it is produced as nature intended. When it comes to food, organic foods must comply with a number of requirements in order to then […]

  • When should you give your child sugar?

    Sugar comes in many forms and is added to many common packaged foods consumed in Australia. Sugar is used to enhance the taste and flavour of foods but what is most frightening is that many of these food products are foods designed for young children. What are the different types of sugar? Sugar can be […]


    Lunar New Year is a great holiday for our Vietnamese people. Also during Tet holiday, parents and children have more time together than usual. 1. Hang out to Tet market Parents can take your babies to Tet market, both to have fun and to learn the beautiful cultural values of this people. Going to the […]

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If you are looking for some fun activities for your kids at Christmas, here is the article for you: Watch the Christmas movie One of the fun Christmas activities for parents to do with their babies is watch Christmas movies. Children of any age can enjoy this activity. If the child is young, you can […]

Bellamy’s Organic products are officially distributed in TH True Mart stores


Bellamy’s Organic food range is now available nation-wide at TH True Mart stores. As the authorized distributor of Bellamy’s products, it’s our promise to deliver high quality certified organic products to TH True Mart to offer for babies in Vietnam “A Pure Start to Life” Bellamy’s Organic is the leading organic brand in Australia, founded […]

The 3 Most Important Vitamins for Pregnant Women


Vitamins are considered essential nutrients, performing hundreds of roles in the body. They help boost your immunity, strengthen your bones, heal wounds, bolster your eyesight, and assist you in obtaining energy from food. Without adequate vitamin intake you may feel lethargic, be vulnerable to infection, or risk developing serious complications that can endanger your health […]

Introducing New Custard Pouch and Milk Rusks


 Introducing New Custard Pouch and Milk Rusks     We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new custard range available in 2 delicious flavors With 63% of organic milk in ingredient, one pouch of custard ready to serve is equivalent to 1/3 of milk bottle and provide half of the daily recommended nutrition […]

Product Change Notification – Formula and Pasta Range


Bellamy’s is pleased to announce that we have launched a new formula inclusive of our Step 1 Organic Infant Formula, Step 2 Follow-on Formula and…

The Burping Manifesto: Everything You Need to Know About Burping Your Baby


Whether you’re feeding your baby breast milk or formula, their hunger can cause them to gulp in a lot of air, which may end up resulting in trapped gas or wind…

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