How to protect your babies during COVID-19 time


Babies have weak immune system, and easily exposed to harmful substances in the environment. Therefore, parents need to be very careful to take care of babies properly. Especially during the period from 6 months to 3 years – called the “immune gap” stage in children. And parents need to pay more attention to the care of children at home, to help children overcome the this time safely.


Limit exposure

Actions such as cuddling and kissing can cause babies get infected carrier, even though they have not yet developed an illness such as cough or fever. So parents need to avoid these actions. In addition, Parents should limit children to crowded places, try to arrange time to have fun and study with your baby at home.


Stay clean

In order to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection, better care for children, parents need to ensure a clean environment around. The living place of babies must be sterilized and cleaned regularly. In addition, parents can limit the risk of infection by surface contact by cleaning baby’s items, toys, places that many people touch such as doorknobs, alcohol or alcohol. antibacterial fluid to eliminate viruses, bacteria from sticking up.


Healthy lifestyle

To increase children’s resistance, help their children be healthier, parents need to ensure the baby has a complete, proper diet and a healthy lifestyle:

-Let children drink enough water Supplement protein-rich foods: eggs, meat, fish, … to increase resistance for children.

– Enhancing zinc-rich foods like shrimp, crabs, animal liver, beef, cereals, … not only provides adequate zinc for the body but also helps to increase children’s resistance, help children against the viruses that cause illness.

– Supplementing fruits and vegetables with lots of vitamins C, E to help strengthen the immune system, help laxative, avoid constipation in children.

– Parents also need to teach them a healthy lifestyle: make sure your baby gets enough sleep, on time; exercise regularly; sunbathe to absorb vitamin D


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